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合法性“At Will”尚未解决的员工手册中的语言

Inserting itself 上 ce again in the relationship between employers and 其 non-union 雇员, the National 劳动关系 板 ("NLRB") recently settled a case in which the General Counsel alleged 那 certain common "at-will"员工手册和手册中的免责声明违反了《国家劳动关系法》("NLRA")。提出但尚未解决的是此和解的影响… 继续阅读


2012年6月30日,宾夕法尼亚州立法机关通过了第637号参议院法案,该法案将要求公共工程承包商和分包商 受《宾夕法尼亚州现行工资法》约束 (本质上,建设项目的估计成本 is at least $25,000)  to use  E-Verify to confirm that their employees are 法律允许在美国工作。  Violators of the new law 是 subject to progressive penalties including … 继续阅读


我们的高管薪酬&员工福利同事John D.Martini,Rachel Cutler Shim,Dennis R.Bonessa和Kaitlin A.McKenzie-Fiumara最近写了关于美国最高法院的客户警报’全国独立企业联合会诉Sebelius案的裁决,维持了2010年《患者保护和负担得起的法案》(“ ACA”)的合宪性。至尊… 继续阅读


The United States Supreme Court ruled today in Knox v. SEIU 那 a union violates the First Amendment by imposing or increasing the dues or fees of union-represented public (meaning government-employed) 雇员 if those increases stem from the costs of political activities by the union and the public 雇员 是 part of the unionized bargaining … 继续阅读


这篇文章是由Kyle Bahr和Efrem Grail撰写的。第三巡回法院最近的意见削弱了律师-委托人的特权,尤其是在联邦大陪审团对公司和个人进行的调查中。在新的先例下,如果没有首先遭受司法con视,就无法立即对侵害律师-当事人特权保护的法院命令提出质疑。 … 继续阅读


The National 劳动关系 板’s (NLRB’s) Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon issued his 第三 report 上 social media cases handled by the NLRB. Copies of all three memos 是 available here, here and here, in the order issued. Our previous blog post discussing the second memo can be found here. The most recent, 第三 report reviews … 继续阅读


Following abolition of the national default retirement age of 65 last year, the Government left open the possibility for employers to introduce 其 own “employer justified retirement age” provided the age set was capable of being objectively justified in order to meet the employer’s legitimate aims for introducing this policy.   A recent decision of the … 继续阅读

Another Employer Victory in 加利福尼亚州: Attorney’s Fees for Meal and Rest Period Claims Not Recoverable in 加利福尼亚州

On the heels of its long-awaited decision in Brinker v. Superior Court (Hohnbaum), No. S166350, the 加利福尼亚州 Supreme Court this week issued another important wage and hour decision 那 favors employers. In Kirby v. Immoos Fire Protection, Inc. (Liu), No. S185827, the court ruled 那 neither 雇员 nor employers can recover attorney’胜诉方的费用… 继续阅读


国家劳动关系委员会总法律顾问("Board") issued a complaint yesterday alleging 那 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc., violated the National 劳动关系 Act ("NLRA") by insisting 那 all employment-related disputes be resolved through individual arbitration. The employer, which operates fitness centers nationwide, requires its non-union workforce, as a precondition of hire, … 继续阅读


In an April 20, 2012 decision, the Equal 就业机会Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) solidified its intended protection of transgender 雇员 under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The 欧洲经济共同体made it clear 那 an employer 那 discriminates against an employee or applicant 上 the basis of 那 person’s gender identity violates Title VII’s sex … 继续阅读


The "new" guidance — accessible at http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/guidance/qa_arrest_conviction.cfm — reinforces longstanding 欧洲经济共同体policy prohibiting employers from using arrest and conviction records to exclude individuals from employment. More recently, the 欧洲经济共同体has expanded enforcement efforts to include prohibitions 上 employer policies 那 exclude candidates from employment because of criminal history, arrests, and convictions. That is because such … 继续阅读

Back from the Brink: 加利福尼亚州 Employers Finally Get Clarity 上 Meal/Rest Breaks

This post was also written by Seth C. Carmack. On April 12, 2012, the 加利福尼亚州 Supreme  Court issued its long-awaited decision in Brinker Restaurant Corporation v. Superior Ct. (Hohnbaum), No. S166350. The decision clarified several important issues regarding 加利福尼亚州 employers’ obligations in connection with meal and rest breaks for non-exempt 雇员. It also offered guidance regarding the … 继续阅读

加利福尼亚州’s “工资盗窃保护法” —劳工专员再次使用更新的通知模板和常见问题解答

加利福尼亚州’s new 工资盗窃保护法 of 2011 (Labor Code Section 2810.5, effective January 1, 2012), requires employers to provide most new non-overtime-exempt 雇员 with a written notice 那 contains specified information regarding, among others, wage rate, payday, employer name and address, workers’赔偿保险承运人信息以及劳工专员添加的其他信息… 继续阅读


The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals granted a motion for an injunction pending appeal filed by national trade associations challenging the NLRB Posting Rule 那 requires all employers covered by the National 劳动关系 Act to post a notice informing 雇员 of 其 rights under the Act.  In granting the motion to enjoin the implementation of the … 继续阅读


Employers 是 becoming more aware of the impact of Facebook and the type of information it can reveal. Some employers use Facebook to find background or character information about 其 雇员 or job applicants. Other employers use Facebook to find out whether 雇员 have disclosed information about the employer’s business. Some employers 是 taking it … 继续阅读


As we have discussed in earlier posts found here and here, several national trade associations challenged the NLRB’s Rule 那 requires all employers covered by the National 劳动关系 Act to post a notice notifying 雇员 of 其 rights under the Act. In response to those filings, a federal district court upheld the posting requirement, but struck … 继续阅读


At a time when public employers across Pennsylvania 是 seeking to reduce or at least contain the skyrocketing costs of post-retirement health care benefits, the Commonwealth Court has virtually handcuffed municipalities from achieving any genuine relief for decades. The Commonwealth Court ruled in FOP, Flood City Lodge No. 86 v. City of Johnstown, No. 1873 C.D. … 继续阅读